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How To Update Rosters On Nhl 09 Pc Game |TOP|

NHLView is the roster editor for EA Sports NHL Hockey series on PC. This is by far my biggest and the most important project. The development started in the year 1999 and back then I could not have foreseen that it will be the main editor used by the online community in the future. In 1999, I was just playing around with the roster files and never planned to release anything to the public. And in fact I did not: NHLView 2000 never came out and you will not find it on this web site. However, it was the foundation of the editor I released the following year for NHL 2001. It enjoyed huge success and I decided to continue releasing editors for EA Sports NHL game. Before NHL 2004, all my editors used the same code that I started in 1999, but with the release of the new NHL game the roster format was drastically changed (improved) and the editor had to be totally rewritten. While I was at it, I decided to adopt the unified architecture so that one editor is required for each NHL game. While the work for integrating the support for older NHL games is ongoing, the current version of NHLView is able to deal with NHL 2002, NHL 2004, NHL 2005, NHL 06, NHL 07, NHL 08 and NHL 09 rosters. If you are looking for the editor for more recent console versions of the game, visit the NHLView NG section.

How To Update Rosters On Nhl 09 Pc Game

On my 12th birthday, I got a floppy drive, I stayed up all night playing Stock Market for Commodore 64. I owned everyone I knew at the various NHL titles for Genesis. I first learned how to code in LPC in the middle of the night from a heroine addict on the campus of Michigan State University back in 1992 when MUDding was the only ORPG there was. I was a journalism major my first time through college, and have been writing off and on since, and programmed up until 5 years ago, when I put down the tools of ignorance to become a business analyst. I'm a member of several gaming 12 step programs for MMO's, and I don't game nearly as much as I used to. I'm mostly on the lookout for items you haven't already seen reviewed 50 times, whether they are games, or just things a gamer might use. I'm now work out of GN's east coast office in Boston, and looking forward to spending the weekends my fiancee is away with Boston University Women's Hockey playing games while the snow falls. View Profile

It's been close to about 13 years since we last saw an NHL on PC which was NHL 09. I don't understand having to wait year after year being frustrated not being able to play my favorite sports which is NHL on my gaming PC. NHL is literally the only sports game not available on PC if EA can release games like Madden NFL and Fifa on PC I don't understand why can't they do the same for PC. Please EA change this for the near future and start releasing the only hockey game there is on PC as PC gamers would love to see an NHL game we can play. We need NHL on PC hopefully NHL 23 next year can he released on PC.

As an experienced computer scientist making this game for PC wouldn't be hard. It's on the frostbite engine now which is modern and used for many other games that are built across PS, xbox and PC. So realistically what would need to be changed?:

everything else should be abstracted out by the frostbite engine as I would assume after making a whole new engine they would ideally try and reduce as much platform specific work needed to make games and rather just have that handled by the engine. So assuming the current codebase isnt a mess this would be just as much work as it took to convert madden to pc. Honestly would be doable by maybe 5 experienced engineers in half a year so maybe 500k ish salary (neglecting bug checking and testing). Honestly I think it could be done in less as it really shouldnt be much work. But this is a one time cost, once the game has been adapted to PC it is now just updating and maintenance (most of which should be platform agnostic). So really even if we say american football has 5x the fans the roi of doing this conversion would just be 5x slower which sure isn't great but I don't see EA quitting making these sports games any time soon and lets be honest EA isnt hurting for money.

I mean come on... what are you talking about? Just because someone doesn't know how to skate or doesnt play due to cost of equiptment has no correlation with how many people watch/enjoy hockey. Also the point of if there was more support we would have seen some other gaming company do it?? Are you joking? Someone going to compete with EA for a hockey game? That really has nothing to do with it being on PC but rather no company has the time and money to create a game that would be able to compete with EA's NHL thats been worked on for what almost 30 years? It would have to be better in every way and also somehow convert all the current console players over to their game. So no, low pc demand isnt the reasons other gaming companies havnt made it...

As I explained earlier the work really isnt that hard. Supporting it over time sure, but realistically if not many players play then just have less/lower powered servers. Better yet do what every other company has been doing of recently (including EA with Apex) and just make the game crossplatform and just have one pool of servers (of which the PC players shouldnt have a big impact and therefore shouldnt be a big deal). Once again EA is not low on money (makes billions in revenue each quarter) the cost of porting is relatively not that much to satisfy a big group of fans who continually ask for the same thing for probably 10 years now. Just do it and get it over with, as I said once the initial conversion is done the maintenance should be relatively small and easy so this is likely a move that maybe doesnt return its investment in one year, but in the long run will bring in profit and had EA done this years ago theyd already be making their profit.

The answer is simple - EA doesn't think they will make ENOUGH of a profit to bring it to the PC. Unfortunately it looks like no other developers want to try and make an NHL game and EA knows it so they don't have to deviate from their normal formula of roster updates and a few tweaks here and there.

@misterflugietimeThe answer is simple - EA doesn't think they will make ENOUGH of a profit to bring it to the PC. Unfortunately it looks like no other developers want to try and make an NHL game and EA knows it so they don't have to deviate from their normal formula of roster updates and a few tweaks here and there.Plus without cross platform play, it will just be splitting the player base even more.

We all know that NHL has a much smaller following that many of the other titles but it is being kept smaller by not allowing it to be on the PC. For example. I travel for work, extensively... a PC version would generate the purchase from me on the PC for sure as it is 100% historically my favorite gaming title... and then it would also be bought on the consol. So one family would generate two game purchases in this case easy and I assume that there are at least a few gamers in similar situations.... especially if multiplayer was supported accross consols and the PC like so many other titles.

The PC is master of racing, and there's FIFA and Football Manager and some golf games. But EA's NHL series hasn't been released on PC since NHL 09, while NBA Live 08 and Madden NFL 08 were the last of their kind on our platform. Even fewer 2K Sports games made it to PC, and the nature of sports games and licensing means they've since evaporated. The PC is a sports desert.

Thanks to a wealth of motion-captured data the NHL 97 players glide, slide, check and shoot, just like the real thing. They do one-timers, sprawl in front of the net, and even fight. Like previous games you'll control the action with a gamepad, and all the different actions that you need to do are controlled with only two buttons. Score one for simplicity, but this does mean that a lot of times you will be pounding on a button to speed up or check, only to have another of your players take control of the puck and then fire off a shot or pass you didn't intend.

All the player motions are quick and fluid, with stunning goalie moves, exceptional checks and realistic stick handling. During the fights however, the characters are slow and move like zombies. They stand there, locked with their opponents, getting slugged repeatedly, but that doesn't matter. It detracts nothing from the actual game itself. It's a bonus feature that didn't quite work out, and you can always turn fights off.

The way to play this game is at the Pro or All-Star setting, with the line options on manual. You really cannot appreciate hockey strategy without the tiring of the lines, and this game takes that squarely into account. The game can be played head-to-head on one or two PCs (using the built-in local area network, TCP/IP, or modem options), and using a Gravis GrIP system, up to eight people can go at it in true team fashion.

There's little in this game to criticize, but even a diamond has flaws, however minute. EA focuses far more on in-game play and the recreation of the pageantry of pro sports, without the detailed management options and customizability of other sports sims. In NHL 97, you don't have the ability to make your own leagues, stats, uniforms, or plays as you would in the Front Page Sports series, for example, and you're not going to be going on the Internet downloading new teams and leagues, although you can create new players and trade them with other teams. The AI also seems to be slanted to keep even bad teams in the game, especially on their home ice.

EA Sports' NHL Hockey series of video games are an ultra-popular line of games created by EA Sports, and since 1991 (under the title NHL Hockey) have been popular with fans of Canada's national winter sport. The games are notable for their realism in capturing the fast-paced action of the National Hockey League, fights included. While there are newer editions of the NHL games, one game has garnered popularity even over 20 years after its initial release: NHL '94. The game's so popular, that in fact, there are ROM hacks for NHL '94 that update it to reflect the current NHL rosters and teams. NHL '14 in particular featured an Anniversary Mode which used '94's controls, physics, and soundtrack, but modern graphics with various effects such as blue ice and star-shaped player markers. 350c69d7ab


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