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Bon Voyage

Celebrity Cruises is committed to making your voyage memorable. Simply contact our The Celebrity Store Customer Support team at 1-800-242-6374 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff or email our Celebrity Special Services team and we'll handle the rest!*The Celebrity Store is not available on Galapagos sailings.

bon voyage

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I'm still smiling. What an incredible week. Conditions were unbelievable and with snowmobiling that isn't always possible. Everything you told us back in September was true, from how important a support vehicle ca be to the morning meetings. Your wealth of knowledge of the area and to snowmobiling was first class. Bonvoyage Snow Adventures is a first class group, from the owner to the guides. None of us will forget Gary giving up his sled for a day so Dave could ride. That decision alone showed me what kind of peopleI was riding with and how important the customer was. We as a group had a great time and your leadership made out time out on the trail an unforgettable vacation. THANK YOU! Hopefully we can all stay in touch as we all have made new friendships. Anytime you're in the area stop in no inviation is needed. Thanks again.

The trip description on the Bonvoyage website was extremely accurate. Fantastic scenery, well maintained trails, well-appointed lodging, incredible food topped off with spending time with a group of amazing individuals.I'm not one who has a "bucket list" but a return trip would be at the top. Sincere thanks to Gary, his family and his numerous contacts throughout Quebec for allowing me to participate in a journey of a lifetime.

I believe I speak for the group when I say the trip was first class and great enjoyment for all of us. It was nice to see the fantastic scenery and awesome trail system. I will be giving Bonvoyage nothing but great press. Chris, you always gave us the feeling that you were putting our interest first and Gary, you are running a great service second to none. But the lasting impression you left with me was when you gave up your ride with your son so Dave could ride with his friends, a very first class move sir. Robert too was kind and treated us all very well. In closing, I got the feeling you enjpyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours. We all got the chance to let the trip be a memory of a life time. To the "Great Gaspe", where the trails are super highways paved with "WHITE GOLD".

As an FYI to anyone contemplating a trip like this...I highly recommend contacting Gary Pruitt of Bonvoyage Snow Adventures. Gary and his crew are true professionals and will give you the experience of a lifetime!For what Bonvoyage offers, you cannot do it on your own for the same price. I tried! Don't ask me how Gary does it, but he does and I cannot say enough good about him.

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