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Sandisk Wireless Flash Drive €? Review

the sandisk connect wireless stick is a simple solution for moving files wirelessly between devices, but its transfer speeds aren't anything to write home about. its 9.84mbps write and 15.8mbps read speeds on our drag-and-drop file transfer tests are on the slow side, and its 32gb of storage is only a moderate value at this price. lexar jumpdrive m20 mobile, the editors' choice winner, is still a superior option, as it's faster and more affordable. if the connect wireless stick fits your needs, it's the way to go, though, as it has some great features like the mobile app and long battery life.

Sandisk Wireless Flash Drive – Review

the sandisk wireless flash drive is also the editors' choice for external hard drives, beating out wd's my passport wireless. the wd, which is built to last, had a poor file-transfer speed of 9.7mbps. and although kingston's datatraveler microduo 3.0 is a great option, it's far more expensive.

you can also use the sandisk connect wireless flash drive to back up your data to the cloud, and its mobile app makes it easy to do. however, if you're looking for a way to backup files wirelessly, the sandisk connect wireless stick is a great option at its price point, but the editors' choice kingston datatraveler microduo 3.0 is far more reliable and comes with better file-transfer speeds.

after testing a variety of flash drives, we came up with a few basic criteria to measure their performance and reliability. specifically, we tested the flash drives with a web-based file transfer service, hd tune pro 5, to measure their write and read speeds.

it's easy to set up, and the mobile app and sandisk connect app for the stick are intuitive. the mobile apps are easy to use and have numerous features, and they even let you play music from the drive. the app also lets you stream photos and videos directly from the drive to your mobile device and other connected devices, and you can easily share videos to social media sites. i tested sandisk connect wireless stick with a samsung galaxy note 2, an ipad, and a desktop computer, and it worked flawlessly with each device.

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