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Bubble Trouble Miniclip: A Classic Arcade Game with a Twist

Bubble Trouble is an arcade bubble shooter game created by Kresimir Cvitanovic. In this game, your objective is to shoot bubbles with the devil! Use your spike gun to pop all the bubbles from the largest to the smallest bits. Every time you pop a bubble, it will get smaller in size but it will also be multiplied. Race against time, collect all the traps and power-ups you can use to be the best at this game. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate bubble shooter?

bubble trouble miniclip

The W and Space keys are used for shooting with the weapons at your disposal. What will you be shooting? Well, bubbles, of course, but this is not going to be done like in the arcade bubble shooter games you are probably used to on our website, which we also recommend you check out!

You will assume control of one or two demons, depending on the format you chose to play in, and with the weapons, you have to shoot at the bubbles that are floating around in the air and bouncing from the floor or walls, so that you make them into smaller balls until they are small enough to get eliminated from the screen.

You can bet that in each new level, this gets harder to do, with more bubbles appearing, or they get separated multiple times, and you need to remember that if the demons get touched by them, you lose the level then and there. Sometimes the bubbles you shot will drop new weapons and power-ups, so make sure to grab them, but avoid items that will give you trouble instead, as the title suggests.

Bubbles appear all over the playing field and can be used to defeat the balls by launching them in their direction, crushing them. However, the bubbles are just as deadly to the player if they are launched in his or her direction. Only certain tougher enemies can launch bubbles. Certain bubbles contain useful items, pushing them together can rack up points. Bubbles that are blue, purple, yellow, or green will bounce off of surfaces once they have been launched, bouncing a number of times dependent on their color, for example blues bounce once, purples twice etc. Some bubbles also contain dynamite, which will detonate either by igniting or by being pushed towards a target. There are two kinds of dynamite, a red one and a purple one; the latter has a much larger blast radius. Occasionally, a bonus bubble will float up across the screen, which can bestow powers of invisibility, or temporarily capture all enemies in static bubbles. Bubbles containing the letters of the word "extra" also appear, which provide a score bonus to the player and the equivalent of the capture bubble when all five are collected.[2]

This project was a great success and learning experience. We were able to replicate our original game idea and successfully integrate every module used for the project. The LED matrix was able to load our character moving, ball jumping and ball splitting all while playing the sounds for each of the game items. At the time of the demo, we also displayed our counter decrementing and score incrementing logic. We had various obstacles during the project, including trouble getting the LED matrix driver up and running, finding out how to integrate collision detection with so many game objects, designing and maintaining our sophisticated game logic state machine, and much more. During the course of our project, we were able to comprehend the practical application of FreeRTOS. We realized that setting targets for each week and achieving them, can help compartmentalize the project to eventually reach the final expectation. This project upped our level of Embedded Software and strengthened our grip on the same.

Bubble Trouble is a 1994[citation needed] action-adventure scrolling shooter video game developed by Lore Design Limited and published by Telegames in North America and Europe exclusively for the Atari Lynx.[1] In the game, the players assume the role of Travis, a scientist whose experiments go wrong as he becomes trapped in a bubble world.

Bubble Struggle: Adventures is planned to have give different game modes, two of which are co-op, ranging from story-oriented to begging for the sweet will to an arcade mode throwing the player right into increasingly difficult action to staying alive as masses of bubbles keep falling from the sky.

In Bubble Trouble. the player controls a single character in a 2D environment that can move from left to right and must shoot down all the bubbles that float above them. When the player shoots a bubble, it will pop, and if the bubble is big enough, it will split into multiple smaller bubbles that the player must also shoot down. The player will progress through a series of levels, each of them becoming more and more difficult and containing more bubbles. If the player makes contact with a bubble, they will be forced to restart the level they are currently playing on.

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bubble shooter - play on

The player is also on a time limit during each level, indicated by the red bar at the bottom of the screen that slowly depletes. If this time runs out, the player must restart the level. The game contains a variety of powerups that can spawn at random when popping bubbles, including a clock that resets the time limit and the ability to create razor wires that go all the way along the map vertically which helps protect the player and pop bubbles.

Bubble Trouble 1 is a classic bubble game in which you have to shoot the bubbles to pop them. Each time you hit a big bubble, it will split up into two smaller ones. Avoid the bubbles as they bounce through the level. Run under the bubble when it bounces up high so that you can shoot it without getting hit. The bubbles will get smaller and smaller until they eventually pop. Can you clear each level? You can also play this game with two players!

As one of my professors said while explaining his laptop ban, when it comes to the laptop, the professor cannot compete. He or she will lose the attention war. There will always be infinitely more gratification and entertainment on the laptop. Every distracting urge that bubbles up into your mind during lecture and simmers unsatisfied can be fulfilled on the internet, as long as you take your eyes of the professor and let your fingers dance on the keyboard a little bit.

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