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Scott Stone

MidStreet Mergers & Acquisitions, a business brokerage firm representing privately held businesses throughout the Southeast, has successfully completed the sale of Scott Stone Inc. one of North Carolina's largest family-owned distributors of pavers, stones, aggregates, and other landscape products.

scott stone

White Kyocera OpalOur Kyocera Opal a lab grown, stabilized opal created to mimic the beauty of genuine opal. With flecks of color and beautiful iridescence, each stone takes 12-14 months to produce, and is best loved for its striking flashes of colored light in our gemstone jewelry.

Bronze Veined Turquoise MagnesiteOur genuine Bronze Veined Turquoise Magnesite is created by crushing magnesite stones into small fragments and then dying them a vivid blue before filling in the cracks with metallic powder. 041b061a72

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