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Download Cod Dragon Txt __LINK__

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A story somewhat inspired by Spike's Two Mommies - Fimfiction but with barrowed elements from Ponyville goes to the...dragons?? - Fimfiction such as Ember from the Spyro the Dragon franchise falling in love with Spike but with my own spin of the purple dragon also being sought after by a suddenly jealous Rarity and Garble's own sister Smolder. Yet the main ship will be Spike and StD Ember even if I am coming around to Spike & Smolder as a romantic pairing. This is more so for the purposes of this fanfic's plot more then anything.

Interesting, so I guess this takes place after the events of Dragon Quest? Now I wonder how the meeting between Spike & Smolder gonna be since she belongs to the dragon clan opposed to Spyro, that's quite the hurdle to go over when the time comes! 041b061a72

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