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Awarapan 1 Download 720p Movie !FREE!

Cineplot team together with Screenplay writer and Director Mahesh Bhatt,have collectively created a film with a decent proposition and different scripts. A film that has its own lovely personality,some fantastic comedy and an immense story line.The movie begins by an image of Shahrukh Khan with his new movie being critically celebrated. The focal point of the story is Imran Khan(Khan)- a film buff who attempts to do a film by all means costing him near and dear. He has another film who acts and produces the film but Imran mistreats the script so the director and producer make him an offer of the script and money for his film. The offer is to work with Mahesh Bhatt which will only cost him his life. Imran denies the offer but how will he resist a film from Mahesh who has two movies of his own and a superb directing talent. It's time for Imran to listen when he discovers that this script is going to be a masterpiece and maybe he's got a choice of getting home to his beloved or pay for it.The rest of the story follows Imran as he tries to do something that he can be proud of and a lot that he could be or could not be. But its always a question of the time. You are in for a go of the film and an intense journey in the race of life. The film is loaded with wonderful dialogues and witty situations and the story is very fresh. Its a blend of different genres and situations with a gigantic plotline which is and always will be, the king of all the films. And given to us by an awesome team that has Mahesh Bhatt(Director),Sidhartha Jha(Co-writer),Rahul Verma(Co-writer),Shakti Kapoor(Producer),Vishal Batra (Cinematographer),Shakti Mohan(Editor),Bhushan Kumar(Music Director),Bhawar Singh (Score),Jitendra Tiwari(Choreographer) and many more. Each one of them is known for their talent in some or the other and could be missed out here but each of them is a big part of this movie. And as per the transition in the film, each one of them is given more space and importance than the other in the film. So the movie is rich with talent and is a gem to watch in its entirety.

Awarapan 1 Download 720p Movie

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