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Hidrología básica: The Complete Guide by Luis V. Reyes Carrasco (PDF 43)

this life, i take plenty of vitamin c, for instance, 150 mg. but i get it from real foods, like beets, and lemons, and tomatoes, and orange juice. and i use it frequently, not only when i feel the symptoms of a cold! once i started using it regularly, i got rid of all the symptoms of a cold. i took 150 mg. one a day, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. within a week, i was completely cured. no more sniffles or sneezing, no more headache, no more stuffy or stuffy nose. i was ready to go back to work. until i got sick, again. i started getting the same symptoms as i did before, so i started eating the fruits again, to try to get rid of it.


monoclonal antibodies play an important role in treating various clinical disorders. mabs may be used as diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents. previously, we reported the therapeutic effects of intravenous administration of a human igg2 monoclonal antibody (rg1alpham) against stroma-derived factor-1 (sdf-1) on murine lupus models. here, we show the effectiveness of rg1alpham as a humanized igg2 mab. the mab inhibits the chemotactic activity of human sdf-1 towards human cxcr4(+) cells, and inhibits the proliferation of raji, ccrf-sb, daudi, and ramos cells. moreover, rg1alpham can also reduce tumor burden in mice bearing daudi cells. these results demonstrate the therapeutic effects of this mab on hematopoietic disorders. on the other hand, this mab also exerts immunosuppressive effects in the spleen. this kind of mab is a novel treatment for human disease, such as hematopoietic disorders and cancer. our results support further development of this mab for the treatment of human diseases.

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