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From a cognitive point of view, it has been hypothesized that reconciliation might be based on individual recognition and implicit memory of previously encountered subjects (Cords and Thurnheer 1993; Aureli et al. 2002). These abilities might allow animals to behave appropriately and establish or maintain preferential social bonds with specific companions (Gheusi et al. 1994; Massen 2017; Yorzinski 2017). Hence, reconciliation may be not randomly distributed among dyads of opponents and be skewed by the social bond between aggressor and victim (de Waal and Aureli 1997). This might require the further ability to attribute different social values to others (Swallow and Kuiper 1988; Taylor et al. 1995).

Video 1997@23 04 2020 22 16 09 mp4

Dil To Pagal Hai was the second of Chopra's 4 consecutive films to star Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. It was the third film to feature Shah Rukh Khan opposite Madhuri Dixit, after Anjaam (1994) and Koyla (1997). The film was originally titled Maine To Mohabbat Kar Li and Tevar before Yash Chopra finally settled on Dil To Pagal Hai as the title.

"Encore une fois" proved to be very successful on the charts globally and remains one of the group's biggest hits. In the United States, it peaked at number-one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, staying within the chart for a total of fourteen weeks. In Europe, it peaked at number-one in both Greece and Ireland, as well as on the Eurochart Hot 100, where it peaked in April 1997. The single also made its way to number two in Denmark, Scotland and the United Kingdom. In the latter, it hit that position in its first week at the UK Singles Chart, on February 23, 1997.[8] It was held from reaching the top spot by No Doubt's "Don't Speak". But on the UK Dance Chart, "Encore une fois" hit number-one. It entered the top 10 also in Belgium (5, in both Flanders and Wallonia), Finland (5), France (7), Iceland (5), Italy (4), the Netherlands (9), Norway (4), Spain (5) and Sweden (6). In New Zealand and Australia, the single reached number 34 and 35, respectively.

Two versions of the video exist, one with the Original Edit and one with the Blunt Radio Edit (an edited version of the Future Breeze Remix). The former can be seen on 10th Anniversary's bonus DVD and the later can be seen on Altra Mode Music's official YouTube channel.[10] By January 2023, the video had generated more than 11 million views.

U2, the biggest band left on Earth, make their latest appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone in our new issue, hitting stands Friday. In the cover feature, senior writer Brian Hiatt trails the band to Dublin and the French Riviera, where he shares pints of Guinness and a long, boozy dinner with Bono; watches an intimate full-band rehearsal in a Monaco basement; and hangs out in Bono and the Edge's oceanfront houses. At our cover shoot, photographer Mark Seliger captured a stunning video of Bono and the Edge playing "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)" acoustic, with Bono pounding out drum parts on Edge's guitar:

U2 made history in its very first appearance on Later With... Jools Holland on BBC 2 TV in London, England earlier today. The band performed 3 new songs: Volcano, Every Breaking Wave and California (There Is No End to Love). Below are the videos for Volcano and Every Breaking Wave.

The Irish band's lead singer, Bono, has issued a contrite video apology for last month's marketing stunt which angered thousands of users of the music software who found that regardless of their tastes they woke up one day to find U2's album Songs of Innocence had appeared on their phones or iPods. U2 worked with Apple to ensure the album, which received a lukewarm critical reception in some quarters, was given away to an estimated 500 million iTunes account holders as part of the promotional exercise that went along with the launch of the California tech giant's latest phone.

Since 1997, has provided millions of U2 fans with consistent U2 news and content. Nominated as the "Coolest Fan Website" by VH1/MTV in 2001, we've been featured on major websites from BBC, CNN, FOX News, MTV Networks, Rolling Stone and many others. Thank you U2 fans. 041b061a72

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