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Sound Recordings: Performances by FMP groups, many withintermission talks by prominent persons about WPA work, 1936-42(140 items). Radio broadcasts, 1937-42 (265 items), including FTPprograms, 1937-39. FMP performance recordings featured both established and lesser-known musicians. Included among the programs are: a thirteen (13) part series on the history of jazz; individual concert band performances; those of folk singers; of symphony orchestras; of acappella choirs; of madrigal singers; of string quartets; and of jazz bands. Radio programs sponsored by Democratic National Committee in support of New Deal programs, n.d. (6items); and by Department of the Treasury urging the purchase ofU.S. savings bonds, n.d. (4 items). Drama produced by theResettlement Administration, n.d. (1 item); Department ofAgriculture program on conservation, n.d. (1 item); and a programabout the White House made by the National Broadcasting Companyfor the Federal Housing Administration, n.d. (1 item).

web acappella serial keygen and 33

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