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Meri Pyaari Bindu (2017) Hindi Movie 720p HDRip x264 ESubs

the film abounds with little moments that add to the charm of this film. like the one in which vijay (manish choudhary) sings a song in ayodhya at the moments when ayushmanns character is singing the same song at meerut. the steamy romance between them is echoed by warm up in the audience.

Hindi Movies Download 720p Meri Pyaari Bindu

unlike the prologue which starts with a jazzy tune so does the song at the end of the film as well. the screech of music fills the silence of the night. the nostalgic appeal of this song is quite clear when ajay devgan sings it. the comedy relief that comes from minissha lamba and kalki koechlin and the brilliance of aamir khan, are further highlights of the film. and minissha is spot on when she asks a character sitting with him, " why are you worried about me? you should be looking at her."

songs are at the heart of this film. each character is determined by their songs and a song that is gone, is erased from their memories. the film moves forward like a wave because of the absence of these songs.

and to me, each song was a punctuation mark on our lives. we meet our first love, we begin our journey, and often we end it too.the songs in this film are like these punctuation marks. and for the audience, they are milestones that we smile for and cry for.

doing a song that you like is a revelation in itself. and meri pyaari binduis a film about these moments.the most apt lyric in the film is the one that ajay sings in the beginning: " the moon shined bright on me and i was never so happy". it was the same for me. i was so happy that i could not sleep. the feel, the love and the nostalgia that the songs convey makes them the real story of this film. and i am happy that i got to experience this real life through it.

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