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Where To Buy Super Bowl 2018 Tickets

Going to the Super Bowl these days is expensive, to say the least, but tickets weren't always so far out of reach. Here's a look at the ticket prices from the past with what that cost would be equivalent to today taken, according to a database compiled by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 2018.

where to buy super bowl 2018 tickets


Bonus: anyone who purchases a ticket through StubHub will also receive an invite to a Sunday shindig to pick up their ticket. The ticket broker is bringing in 'honorary quarterback' Maria Menounos to emcee an event at Target Field (where the Twins play baseball and where fans can pick up tickets throughout the weekend) that will feature more than 7,000 (!) fans taking part in "athlete meet-and-greets, games and face painting," with some complimentary food and drinks mixed in for good measure.

The tickets were "zone seats," where a seller promises seats in a general area of the stadium instead of specific seat numbers. Gamboa and Fischer said they didn't question the email they received from the company confirming their purchase and telling them they could pick up their tickets in downtown Phoenix the Friday before the game.

Simultaneously throughout Minneapolis, thousands of fans in Eagles and Patriots jerseys stood in line to pick up tickets they'd paid for and ordered from various companies. The longest line was at StubHub's pickup center, where a line filled with hundreds of customers snaked through the tunnels beneath Target Field. Some of the same runners seen at the NFL hotel could be seen coming and going from the various pickup locations. At one, they walked past the line and disappeared into a back room located directly behind the table while fans were picking up their ticket orders.

In March 2018, Nissen pleaded guilty to federal charges that he engineered a $60 million Ponzi scheme that involved promises he could deliver large quantities of high-demand tickets. In reality, prosecutors said, Nissen used victims' money to pay other investors.

Outside the Lines found hundreds of Super Bowl LIII tickets for sale on both Fan Hospitality and TickPick since at least October 2018. McCarthy, the NFL spokesman, confirmed the league doesn't distribute the tickets until January.

On the TickPick site, where tickets started at $3,195 as the NFL's wild card weekend finished up, shoppers were greeted with a notification that seats purchased would be available within a mile of Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium -- exact location to be provided the week of the Feb. 3 game.

The price of Super Bowl tickets often fluctuates drastically based on the game's location, the matchup, seat location, and date of purchase. Generally, the historical cost of the average super bowl resale ticket has ranged between $4,000 and $6,000.

Resellers like StubHub and SeatGeek work by connecting buyers with people who already have Super Bowl tickets. Most often the sellers are team season-ticket holders who won a chance to buy the tickets, at somewhere around face value, through a team lottery. They then turn around and put those tickets up for sale through StubHub or SeatGeek or others. (The sites take a cut of the sales price and sometimes charge fees.)

San Diego Comic-Con is one of the biggest events in the entertainment world, so it may not come as a surprise that scalped tickets for the convention are the second most sought after on the secondary market - with only Super Bowl tickets garnering a higher price. Most attendees for SDCC 2018 have had their passes for months, and the competition to get the sought after tickets is always fierce.

The image of a shady transaction outside of an arena, where hushed tones are uttered and stacks of cash are exchanged, is slightly out of date even if scalpers definitely still exist. Many arenas now provide zones where the reselling of tickets is permitted, which brings the process more above-board. Fans willing to risk showing up with no guarantee of getting into the event might save some money using this method versus using an online ticket marketplace, but they will also forfeit the protection that those major companies provide should you end up with a fraudulent ticket.

Nearly every day of the year professional sporting events are played in the United States. In the sea of options available to fans of the various sports, knowing where and when to purchase tickets is a huge advantage for those not lucky enough to have season tickets.

Beyond becoming a season ticket holder, many teams offer early on-sale dates for fans who subscribe to their mailing lists. Various credit card companies also offer early on-sale dates, and many teams reserve tickets for fan fest events where you can buy the tickets in person. The fan fests require more of a time commitment but can sometimes yield hard-to-get tickets. 041b061a72

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