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Mississippi Damned features three siblings who each confront their family's generational traumas and whether or not they'll choose to lead lives that break the cycle. The movie takes a look at their lives as children in 1986, and then skips 12 years into the future. Among the characters is Leigh, a lesbian who isn't out and struggles with the news that her girlfriend is marrying a man. Tessa Thompson also stars in Mississippi Damned, which is directed by Black lesbian film maker and screenwriter Tina Mabry.

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Finally, a Christmas rom-com! Some of the best gay movies are groundbreaking in that they're not groundbreaking at all. Clea Duvall directed this feel-good flick starring Kristen Stewart as the girlfriend of the closeted daughter (Mackenzie Davis) of a conservative family. Thankfully, Aubrey Plaza is around the shake things up.

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