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The Power of Your Subconscious Mind in Marathi Pdf 230: Success Stories and Testimonials from Readers

subconsciously our body knows where and what we need to do. we dont have to think about it. we will automatically and subconsciously do it. whenever you make a goal for yourself, tell yourself, "i will achieve this goal, because i have the power to do this. i can do this. i am doing this now. my body knows what to do." then you will do it.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind In Marathi Pdf 230

one of the keys to subconscious belief is to become a master of imagination. what we believe in our subconscious is determined by what we repeatedly think and feel. if you consistently picture a positive outcome, then your subconscious will create that positive event in your life. if you consistently picture the negative outcome, your subconscious will create that negative outcome.

when your child is born, there is a strong connection between you and your child. it is not a moment you can remember. it is like you were inside your child. that is one of the main reasons why newborn babies cry. they are trying to get you to feel them. they are also trying to get you to help them.

you can now cover your eyes with your hands and make a sacred invocation. that is the best way to ground yourself and it takes only a few seconds to do. open your eyes and recall the goddesses of power, knowledge and wealth. rub your eyes with your palms and then place your palms on top of your closed eyes. close your eyes. the more relaxed and the more still you can remain the more you will be able to sense the subtle vibrations of wisdom and power.

now focus on the heart chakra and take in the healing, balancing, opening and strength it provides, and the alchemy of spirit it represents. then direct your focus to the throat chakra and look for the source of inspiration that only you can offer, and the wisdom and compassion that you need. continue this process until you have looked at all the chakras and you know the energy centers and which chakra is most important for you. now focus your attention on the root chakra and feel the energy field of your body, the physical realm and the spiritual realm. when you are calm and relaxed, you will feel the energy center of the root chakra that you want to tap into. begin to visualize this vital energy as a golden or turquoise color. feel how it rises up your spine and into the crown of your head. sense how the energy moves and grows, opening and expanding and then filling and energizing the whole of your body. feel the energy move to the heart center and then to all of your limbs, organs, and glands. feel how the energy is potent and positive.

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