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Where To Buy Prime Beef __EXCLUSIVE__

Why Marbling Matters > Marbling refers to the variegated, marble-like fat that adds rich, buttery flavor to lean meat. As your Prime beef cooks, the natural fat melts, adding unsurpassed moisture and flavor to every bite.

where to buy prime beef


Only the Good Stuff > While some competitors leave exterior fat on their steaks to add weight and flavor, we ensure that every piece of our Prime beef is delicious and nothing goes to waste. Our certified butchers remove the exterior fat from our Prime steaks and roasts because the superior marbling throughout the beef adds all the flavor you need. They also cut the meat for you in store, so you can bring home the cut and quality you want, without exception.

Aged for Tenderness > Aside from generous marbling and expert trimming, our aging process also adds to the superior quality of our USDA Prime beef. We age our Prime beef for a minimum of 14 days for unmatched tenderness.

Costco is one of the few large retail chain stores that carry prime beef selection. Generally, this product is quite hard to see in grocery stores, as most grocery stores only offer choice and select beef.

When talking about marbling, USDA Prime beef has great marbling, but not as much as the Kobe beef, which is extremely marbled, has better flavor, and has a distinctive juicy texture, giving it twice the cost of prime.

Since USDA Prime is the highest grade given to meat, there is a long feeding time required when it comes to raising cows. A high-energy diet is necessary to produce prime quality produce from a young beef animal.

Prime steaks are worth purchasing if you want to taste quality beef with more marbling than typical grocery store produce. Many customers, along with us, agree that USDA prime beef has some of the best flavor available, among other types.

Characterized by higher intramuscular marbling, true Prime beef is renowned for great beef taste and the richness of the fat that comes from extensive corn finishing. This attention to detail and scarcity of product make DeBragga's Prime a luxury item, and much higher in price than "Choice" grade.

Unless you have a great butcher nearby that leaves one more option: The internet. Since the online meat sellers have a much larger customer base to pull from (aka the entire population of the US as opposed to just one town or neighborhood) they can afford to sell prime steaks and other specialty cuts. But with all the online meat sellers which one is the best to buy prime steaks? Who has the best prices? Well, I have some answers.

I went through and pulled info from 7 different sites that sell prime steaks. For comparison sake I used the prime steak by which all other prime steaks should be measured: the prime ribeye. To make an apples to apples comparison I will be comparing the prices of 4 12 oz ribeyes. I usually like 16 oz ribeyes but not every site had those but most sites had 12 oz steaks and most sold them in quantities of 4.

As you an see Snake River Farms is the clear winner on price. The price for just the steaks is less than the other 6 competitors and they have free shipping when you use code FREEAFF. Some of the other sites have free shipping promos from time to time and depending on where you live your shipping might be cheaper or more expensive (I tried to take the median shipping cost if they charged differently for different parts of the country) but these were the standard prices on their sites. The comparisons for other steaks and quantities are similar as well.

In fact most stores only carry choice beef with maybe some select. Costco is one of the few major chain stores that does carry a selection of prime beef. But before we dive into selection and price, I first want to give you a little lesson on what prime beef is.

Beef in America is graded by the USDA. The first thing you need to look for is a symbol on the package that says USDA Prime. For the defintion of Prime Beef, we turn to what the USDA says : "USDA Prime is the superior grade with amazing tenderness, juiciness, flavor and fine texture. It has the highest degree of fat marbling and is derived from the younger beef." It's all about the how much fat is running through the meat and how old the animal was. Younger beef is more tender. If you can develop good marbling in a short time, then you will have prime beef. This isn't easy to, it requires perfect timing, which is why most beef isn't prime.

Unfortunately I could not find this information. I heard they get beef from U.S., Canada, and Australia but nothing more specific than that. The downside with a company the size of Costco is that it is hard to track the sources of their meat. I wish there were as good as Whole Foods Market is about sources, as you can easily trace their meat back to the source.

Not a giant selection by any means but enough to get a good steak. If you buy the entire Top Sirloin and slice it yourself your getting a prime steak for $7.69 per pound, which is 10 cents less per pound that a choice sirloin steak, so it's a great deal but only if you really have the money to spend on a big chunk of meat at once.

Since I originally made this post back in 2015, I started seeing Prime Beef Brisket at Costco. The price has been under $4 per pound. Well not great for steaks at all, this is perfect for BBQ or corned beef.

I purchased four prime sirloin strip steaks from Costco. I couldn't believe how soft and delicious they were. I cooked them on a infrared broiler. We will never go to a steak restaurant again and we go to all the best steak restaurants in New York and Florida.

We have always bought Costco prime new york strip steaks. I was Very disappointed after going to our local Costo in Mesa Az and being told they were no longer going to carry them. No explination as to why. Guess as a consumer iwe are not due any explination.

At Avon Prime Meats we offer the freshest, highest quality beef. We carry USDA Prime and Premium Choice cuts. These grades provide the highest levels of marbling, which translate in outstanding natural flavor, juiciness and tenderness. Whether you are looking for steaks or roasts, we have the perfect cut for any occasion.

When you buy beef from Ozark Prime Beef, you can trust our cattle is born, raised, fed and processed by traditional standards and methods. All natural beef raised without added hormones, pastured in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, and grain finished to deliver premium quality and delicious taste.

Our cattle are humanely raised and pastured in the beautiful rolling foothills of the Ozarks. Free range grazing ensures our cattle roam freely outdoors. Low-stress methods of raising and finishing affect beef tenderness and flavor. So buy beef from our network of quality producers and feed your family the best.

Give the gift that every beef-lover craves and take the anxiety out of deciding what to send friends and family. Your loved ones an rest assured that meal time means quality beef from a trusted source!

One-quarter beef is usually around 110 pounds of meat depending on the cutting preferences selected when ordering. Typically 5%-50% can be ground beef, and the rest can be cut into steaks, roasts, ribs, etc. A quarter beef should feed one person for one year at an average of 1/2 to 3/4 lb. serving of meat per meal, 2 to 3 times a week.

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One of the most popular butchers in Chicago has given its website a facelift to make online ordering for curbside pick easier. Paulina make custom blends for sausages, and also offers produce and other ingredients to complement the beef, chicken, or pork purchased.

For example, if you want to order the Bone-in Ribeye steak you can choose pasture-raised, grain-finished black Angus beef from Washington State or 100% grass fed from Birney Montana (among several overs).

Plymouth Prime Meats is a local butcher shop right in the heart of downtown Plymouth, Michigan. Our skilled butchers provide the best and highest quality cuts of meat products that you can find in the Metro Detroit area. We serve a wide range of products from premium steaks to seafood. We offer specialty products as well including aged beef products and homemade sausages and kabobs. Stop on by today and pick up the perfect meal for you and your family.

We carefully choose family ranchers who have a passion for raising high-quality Angus cattle and fully understand the steps required to achieve a memorable eating experience. 1855 Black Angus is offered in USDA Prime and Upper 2/3 Choice, ensuring ideal marbling for the most flavorful and juicy beef.

Packages are shipped Monday through Thursday via FedEx for delivery within the same business week. Arrival dates are based on earliest possible date for your recipient. Most ground shipments will arrive within 1 to 3 business days. Shipping and handling charges are based on merchandise total per recipient address and shipping method. Express service for guaranteed arrival dates and/or Saturday delivery (where available) is optional for an additional charge. 041b061a72

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