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[S1E13] Gone

We begin the season 1 finale of For Life with Wallace in prison lock-down and finding all of his belongings gone. Given he needs that to prep his case, it certainly poses another problem for him to tackle. At the same time, Glen Maskins tries to stifle the headache of Wallace getting his retrial and is encouraged to speak to Cyrus and obtain the footage of the riot inside the prison.

[S1E13] Gone

There has been no official comment on why Quantum Leap has gone on hiatus again. The most likely explanation is yet another sports scheduling conflict, which is a shame, but perhaps understandable in major sporting weekends. Ratings have been down after the show's midseason break, and sadly the constant pauses are unlikely to be helping. Still, it is possible viewership has stabilized, with some viewers catching up on Peacock. NBC seem satisfied with the show's performance, given Quantum Leap has already been renewed for season 2.

Among the shelves, Malcolm finds Chloe and prepares to shoot her. Lucifer punches him first, and Chloe grabs her gun from the floor and shoots Malcolm repeatedly in the chest. Dying, Malcolm tells Lucifer that he has his coin and he'll be back. He discovers that the coin is gone. Lucifer holds it up and says that he knows a Guy, who apparently wants him back on earth. He tosses it up into the air and the coin disappears. Lucifer kneels and watches Malcolm die. 041b061a72

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