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Buy Piano Bench Cushion

Jansen Piano Benches offers a wide variety of traditional style piano bench cushions that can accommodate any type of player and budget. Our cushions provide the comfort and support you need to maximize your range and movement and allow for the proper positioning required to reach your full potential as a pianist.

buy piano bench cushion

We have piano bench cushions that can meet your every need, from a wide variety of sizes that can accommodate any bench to a broad selection of colors to complement any décor, including two-tone designs.

Of all the options out there for your piano cushions, what makes Jansen Piano Benches stand above the rest? We offer only high-quality piano bench cushions and piano accessories, and each of our products is always accompanied by excellent customer service.

Don't cut your music short because your piano bench becomes uncomfortable after playing awhile! A custom piano bench cushion designed for prolonged performances will provide years of comfortable, stylish use at an affordable price.

Our custom piano benches can be made in any size and in hundreds of fabrics, including durable and soft Sunbrella. Available in two thicknesses and with the option of welting, our piano seat cushions are made with our popular Premium Indoor filling, which features a foam core with a layer of soft batting for added comfort.

Choosing the right bench cushion can make you feel a bit like The Princess and the Pea. There are tons of piano seating options to choose from, but if you don't know what you're looking for, they can all seem too large, too thin, too fancy, too.. orange.

But that's what makes bench cushion shopping great. There are enough options out there, that there's the perfect pad for everyone. And once you have found the ideal seat, you'll want to spend more time actually playing your piano!

Because the right piano bench pad makes all the difference. We're not just talking about aesthetics -- the right choice will be more comfortable, more ergonomic, and longer-lasting than a poorly-fitted, incorrect, or ugly seat.

Because the benches themselves can vary in size, the cushion may be just a hair bigger or smaller than the seat. You may prefer one that's just a little larger (by up to one inch), but try to stick as close to the actual measurement as possible.

14" x 30" is the most popular size, but you can find cushions ranging from the small 12-3/4" x 25" to the extra large 15-1/2" x 32". You'll have to do a little exploration to find the right match between the sizes available and your preferred style.

Ergonomics are important! This is your derriere we're talking about, here. If you have back problems, sciatica, or just plain old bad posture, you really need to consider the most comfortable thickness of your bench cushion.

Good posture can improve your range of motion, support your back for extended periods of play, and reduce injury. Too thick or too thin, the wrong cushion can encourage poor posture. You'll have to find the thickness that's juuuust right.

Measure the depth of your existing upholstery or cushion and assess its comfort. Do you feel like it's too thin and you need a much softer seat? Or is it over-thick and has gone lumpy from being sat on over and over?

Another thing to consider is the density of the foam. Kind of like mattresses, bench cushions could be soft or firm. Some people like soft 1" foam because they're using the cushion to protect the bench from scratches or are looking for a way to redecorate. Others like firm because they've buying cushions meant for long-lasting support. If you're not sure how firm the cushion you're eyeing will be, just ask us!

Tufted bench cushions are a perennial favorite. These pads are reversible, so measuring isn't quite *as* important. You'll still want to be as close as possible to accurate sizing, but if you're off by about an inch, your cushion will still look great.

Box edge cushions need to be measured as accurately as possible because of their rigid structure. This style is on the thick side (up to 3" deep) and the piping along the edges keeps the box bench cushion looking nice and neat.

Travel cushions are ideal for pianists who, well, travel. They're not meant for permanent installation, so if you're playing piano on the go and can't be sure how comfortable the benches are, travel cushions are just the ticket. Smaller and more portable than regular cushions, this style makes swapping seats a cinch.

You'll want to choose the right color or pattern that works with your decor. After all, your piano is the focal point of the room, and a beautiful bench cushion can be just the thing that makes it look inviting.

Tapestry piano benches have designs woven in and are a great way to show off your passions. You can get crazy with intricate designs and scenes, or go for a slightly more subdued pattern. Music-note print is always a favorite, as are holiday themes.

The specific materials used are dependent on the brand and style. Some cushions are made with suede fabric and a polyurethane foam padding. Others are Kashmere fabric, which is a super-soft cotton poly blend. Tapestry cushions are made up of stain-proof manmade materials. There are loads of options and styles in the shop, so look closely at the images. And when in doubt, just ask!

Still haven't found your perfect bench cushion? Well, Princess and the Pea, you're in luck! If you have your own fabric you'd love to see turned into a cushion, contact us today for a custom seat that'll please even the pickiest pianist.

Our custom piano bench cushions are all made to order to the size and fabric that you choose. Our cushions are made of durable upholstery microfiber suede fabrics. Custom cushions ship within 3-5 business days. The photos below show our brown suede cushion in the 2-1/2" thick option and the wine suede cushion in the 1-1/2" thick option.

Piano Bench Cushions are a wonderful compliment to your wood top piano bench, adding color and much needed comfort. They are also a great method to rejuvinate more worn piano benches, without having to purchase a new one. All of our piano bench pads are manufactured in the United States, using high quality fabric and foam padding. Available in multiple colors and sizes, find the piano bench cushion that best compliments your room decor. How to measure a piano bench cushion:Take a tape measurer and measure the length and width of the seat of the piano bench. Because of the rounded edges of the piano bench cushions, the size of the cushion does not have to be an exact match, as plus or minus an inch will still work. If our opinion though, go with the bigger size over the smaller.

Lovely Musical Note tapestry fabric bench cushion. Three sets of ties to attach under the lid to hold the cushion in place. Standard size cushion is 1" thick The 2" thick booster size costs only $40.00 more.

Our company works with the finest American piano furniture manufacturers in the industry. We sell more than 150 styles of fine quality piano benches & stools in a wide variety of leg styles, wood finishes & fine fabrics, and as the premier seller of piano benches online, our large buying power allows us to offer you the lowest prices for the finest quality!We hope this page will help you to decide which bench is most suitable for you.

What is the difference between a Grand Piano Bench and an Upright Piano Bench? AnswerA stationery Grand Piano Bench, sometimes called a 'Duet' Bench, is generally between 33" & 36" wide. The width is proportionate to the size of the instrument and certainly adds elegance to any Grand Piano. This size Bench can be used with Grand Pianos, full size Upright pianos, or with any piano where you'd like two people to sit side by side. There is a choice of Wood Top or Upholstered benches and of course our Standard or Duet Artist or Adjustable benches are perfect for Grand pianos. They are wonderful for growing children or for pianists who sit practicing for long periods of time, thus allowing a change of position affording greater comfort.

A standard Upright Piano Bench is generally 30" wide x 19" high and is used with all sizes of upright pianos from 36" high to 52" high. Some smaller Spinet pianos look nice with the 25" wide Piano/Keyboard Benches. A Duet bench also looks aesthetically pleasing with larger Full Size Upright pianos (also known as Upright Grands) and are especially good for Teachers who need to sit beside their students.

What is the difference between an Artist Bench & an Adjustable Bench AnswerBoth 'Adjustable' and 'Artist' Benches can move up or down with the side knobs that changes the height of the seat, however a true 'Artist' bench has a Solid Apron around the bench, so you DO NOT see a space when the top is raised.

I saw a bench that looks just like yours on another website, why was their bench cheaper?AnswerIf the bench is from the same manufacturer as ours, we 'Guarantee' to beat any price... please call us!

However, many benches are just Look-a-Likes to ours but are made badly or with inferior materials. Although we cater to every size pocket book, we have maintained our longevity in this business by taking great care to select benches made with only the best Kiln Dried hardwoods (like Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, Poplar etc), the finest Leathers, Vinyls, Fabrics and Brass hardware, superior construction and effortless adjustable bench mechanisms. Ultimately our benches will last longer. Remember the old saying, "You only get what you pay for".

When will I receive my bench?AnswerOur benches are always In-Stock and generally ship out from one of our Central USA warehouses within 1 to 2 business days. If a bench does get sold out, we'll let you know right away and let you know when it will be shipped. If you have ordered a custom-made bench (e.g. your own fabric or custom color), or perhaps a special carved leg style, they usually ship out in 7 to 14 business days. (You can't rush quality). We offer Free UPS Ground Shipping on all our benches. 2nd Day Air & Overnight services are available. 041b061a72

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