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How to Find and Use Warp Cannons in Cannon Super Mario Bros. Wii

Cannon Super Mario Bros. Wii is a fan-made hack of New Super Mario Bros. Wii that features many custom objects, levels, and enemies. One of the most notable additions is the warp cannon, which allows you to blast off to a different world in a matter of seconds. But how do you find and use these cannons? Here are some tips to help you out.

cannon super mario bros wii


Finding the Warp Cannons

There are a total of five warp cannons in Cannon Super Mario Bros. Wii, each one leading to a different world. You'll need to find a secret goal (red exit flag) in certain levels to unlock the path to the cannon. Here are the locations of the secret goals:

  • World 1-3: Just before the third star coin, there is a hidden area above the ground that you can access by jumping into it. The secret exit is above this area, and you'll need Yoshi or a propeller cap to reach it.

  • World 2-6: You'll need to keep the propeller suit until the end of the level, where you'll see a pink square platform moving up and down. Jump to the left of it and use the propeller suit to fly up to a vertical red pipe at the top of the screen.

  • World 4-Fortress: In the area with falling blocks, where the final star coin is located, there is a secret passage under the wall below the coin. You can enter it by letting the block fall and running over it. A warp pipe will take you to the secret exit.

  • World 5-Ghost House: In the main room with many doors, drop below the fourth red arrow sign (across from a door and some coins) and walk through the wall to your left. You'll find a door that leads to an area with light cubes. Hop across them to the far right and reach the secret exit.

  • World 6-6: You'll need a mini mushroom for this secret. In the part with pink conveyor belts and grey blocks, past the midway flag, there is a secret area in the upper left with some coins and a 1-up. There is another secret area at the very top by Wendy's door with a power-up and more coins.

Using the Warp Cannons

Once you've unlocked a warp cannon, you can access it from the world map by entering the red pipe near it. The cannon will launch you to a different world, skipping some levels in between. Here are the destinations of each cannon:

  • World 1 Cannon: Warps you to World 5.

  • World 2 Cannon: Warps you to World 5.

  • World 4 Cannon: Warps you to World 6.

  • World 5 Cannon: Warps you to World 8.

  • World 6 Cannon: Warps you to World 8.

Be careful though, as some cannons may take you to harder worlds than you're prepared for. Also, using a warp cannon will not save your progress in the world you left behind, so you'll have to replay some levels if you want to complete them all.


Warp cannons are a fun and fast way to explore different worlds in Cannon Super Mario Bros. Wii. They can also help you skip some levels that you find too hard or boring. However, they also have some drawbacks, such as losing your progress in some worlds and missing out on some star coins and secrets. Whether you use them or not is up to you, but we hope this guide helped you find and use them more easily. c481cea774


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