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The Rosetta Stone V3 Arabic Level 1 Serial Key !LINK!

Hi, I have tried to sell a new unopened software of rosetta stone on ebay but they remove my listing, then I contact the BSA to ask why? they forward the information to rosetta stone and guess what? I got an email to let me know that I have to contact their legal department and after that I have to pay for demages $1000 even when i did not sell the item. does somebody now if this is legal, could I do something about it?

The Rosetta Stone V3 Arabic Level 1 Serial Key

I sold a copy of rosetta stone here in the uk, now rosetta stone are trying to sue. They have asked me to pay them 600 damages and if I dont pay up they will take me to court and inform the police. Told them im not paying as they have no legal right to impose a fine but they keep on threatening to take civil and criminal action against me, there pathetic

I was not aware that you could not buy Rosetta stone from another user. We just got scammed. We bought all 1-5 levels from Craigslist and this idiot will not give us out money back. Instead he sent us a link to download it. What??? Another crook move! Can I call the cops on this guy??? I have his email address and cell phone number. I would really like to get this creep off the streets and stop him from ripping other people off!

If you do a nationwide search, you will find people selling copies for as little as $40 for many different types of rosetta stone. One person in particular ships them for free and uses paypal.

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