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Best Land Rover To Buy

But which Land Rover model is best? Though some are objectively better than others, some are better tailored to certain drivers. Here, we rank all of the recent Land Rover models from the 2018 model year from worst to best.

best land rover to buy

Following the Second World War, British manufacturer Rover was looking for ways to expand its lineup into new segments. One of the most capable vehicles to emerge as a result of the war was the Willys-Overland Jeep, a favorite of both American and British soldiers. Rover decided to develop its own version of the Jeep, designed primarily for use on agricultural land. Christened the "Land Rover," the car launched in 1948 and quickly gained popularity, selling 8,000 units in its first year and attracting the attention of the British Army.

When the original production run of the Defender ended in 2016, Land Rover celebrated the model's remarkable longevity by issuing a number of limited-edition specials. The Defender Heritage Edition is arguably the best of those, as it reworked the contemporary Defender to pay homage to the original Series I Land Rovers. Only 400 examples were made, each one finished in the exact same spec and in a classic shade of Grasmere Green, with steel wheels and a plaque reading "HUE 166" in honor of the first Land Rover ever made.

The original Range Rover is widely considered to be the world's first luxury SUV, and it paved the way for every other "chelsea tractor" on the market today. When it first debuted in 1970, it still had a typical Land Rover interior, which could be hosed clean after a long day's work on a farm or country estate. However, its popularity with wealthy landowners meant that it quickly became more luxurious inside, with a level of fit and finish on par with a luxury passenger car. Prince Charles, as he was then known, was very fond of the Range Rover Classic, and was often seen driving one around his Royal estates.

The LR4, or Discovery 4 as it was known in its home market, took many of the best elements of the brand's other vehicles and combined them into one versatile SUV. It was very much a family-oriented SUV, albeit one that could handle rough terrain a lot better than the average mall crawler. In many ways, it was more "wholly dedicated to the brand's original SUV formula" than most of Land Rover's other offerings at the time. With an old-school ladder frame construction and a 3.0L supercharged V6, the LR4 didn't feel as sedan-like to drive as its German rivals, instead feeling sturdier and smoother.

Carmichael was a coachbuilder based in Worcester, England, and offered a range of 6x6 conversions for the Range Rover, the most popular conversion being a fire truck. Very few were ever converted for private use, and the few that were are highly coveted collectors' items today. According to Range Rover Classic, some were also converted as personnel carriers for rabbit and pheasant hunting. All Carmichael Range Rovers came with full Rover approval and a factory warranty, and they were designed so that all parts were available from a regular Rover stockist.

The Velar offers two turbocharged engines, maxing out at 395 horsepower in this year's new HST trim. It's also slightly longer than most luxury midsize SUVs, giving it more cabin and cargo space. There's a measure of Range Rover off-road ability here, giving the Velar an edge over competitors that are truly pavement-bound. That said, this midsize SUV is more suited to hunting designer clothing than woodland foxes, and its sporty looks are only skin deep.

What comes across loud and clear is that an all-original SIII is the best leaf-sprung buy, preferably with a 2.25 petrol engine because the diesel is woefully slow. Parts are still cheap and they are relatively simple to restore if you are looking for a project.

Despite falling prices, many see the Evoque as mechanically sound but not a serious bearer of the green oval. The Freelander 2, with which it shares its platform, is cheaper and carries a lot more credibility within the Land Rover fraternity.

The first two generations of Discovery have a lot in common: they were best-selling 4x4s that were truly versatile and great for towing. They also suffered terminal rust and virtually crumbled before your very eyes.

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Consistently being chosen as the best 4WD car available, The Defender offers plenty of choice in SUV style. Equipped with a strong range of petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engines, the Defender ticks all the boxes: brilliantly designed, it drives incredibly well and appeals to the lovers of the traditional 4x4 style with increased comfort and tech.

This model made our list of the best 4x4s to drive through snow, and is also our second pick for families who value vehicle space: three rows of available seating make it an incredibly spacious model with plenty of head and legroom. Plus, the heated seats, 8.0-inch rear-seat entertainment and four-zone climate control guarantee that the Discovery will be a family favourite.

Back in the 1940s, military jeeps were all the rage. Of course, the original Jeep by Willys Overland took North America by storm, and various different licensed versions were built across the world for different markets. But, not many of those could pride themselves on becoming one of the most celebrated luxury SUV brands of all time. Except one; Land Rover. Land Rover started out in 1947, when brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks built a prototype off-roader called the Centre Steer.

In the years that followed, the Land Rover would conquer the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe, and it was famous for its capability and its ability to power various farming equipment on its own. With the introduction of the Range Rover in 1970, the brand slowly started to shift their focus. Today, Land Rover is part of the Jaguar Land Rover group, and they have a whole lineup of luxury SUVs, and they might just be the best SUVs you can buy now. They have some things in common, but each of the seven current Land Rover models have their own reason why you should buy one.

The best thing about the big Range Rover is that it can work in just about any environment. Whether it's plugging up the muddy hills of your countryside home, or slowly rolling around the valet parking lot fountain at the Ritz Carlton, the Range Rover really can do it all. It really does make a strong case for choosing an SUV over a big limousine.

The hype surrounding the new Defender before its release was, understandably, massive. The return of this iconic nameplate was a huge deal, especially among Land Rover aficionados. For this grand return, Land Rover did not disappoint, and the hype was totally justified; everyone seems to agree that the Defender is easily the best product in the Land Rover stable right now.

For over seven decades, the Land Rover has been one of the world's best-known off-road vehicles, shaping the car industry and helping create the SUV market we know today. Over the years, Land Rover has produced many memorable models that have earned it the legendary status it currently holds. It is therefore understandable that most people would want a Land Rover in their own driveway, whether or not they are dedicated off-road drivers or just want a safe and comfortable SUV for their family.

Combining the timeless style of classic Defenders with modern technology and features, this is one of the best Land Rover models out there. A wide range of available engines and two body styles will perform well in urban conditions, while continuing to feel at home when the tarmac stops. It is available with a V8 engine, adding incredible performance to the mix, along with a long list of options that you can use to customize its appearance further. 041b061a72

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