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Chanting the bija mantras as part of a daily discipline or as part of a therapy session allows the chakras to be maintained in a balanced and harmonious energy pattern, ensuring optimum health and wellness.


If one or two chakras are out of balance, you can work specifically with their associated bija mantras. This can help to clear blocked or stuck energy and allow for the abundant, natural, life-force energy to flow more freely, thereby bringing balance and harmony.

We combine our Full Moon Meditation with Bija Mantra, creating balance and harmony in body, mind and soul thanks to the vibrations from the mantra that balance every Chakra. This is followed by the sound of Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls and other instruments that support the release of tension, massaging all cells of the body in order to reach balance and deep relaxation, getting our bodies and minds ready for a new cycle.

Shakti bija mantras are probably the most important of all mantras, whether for meditation, worship of deities, energizing prana or for healing purposes. They carry the great forces of Nature such as the energies of the Sun and Moon, Fire and Water, electricity and magnetism, not simply as outer factors but as inner potentials of Divine Light. They project various aspects of force and radiance for body, mind and consciousness. They hold, resonate, and propel the Kundalini force in specific and transformative ways. Below is a simple table of the main energies (Shaktis) of the Shakti mantras.

Shakti mantras relate to the primary forms of the Goddess or Divine Mother and are commonly used in her worship. There are special Shakti mantras for each of the great Goddesses, through which we can commune with them and gain their grace. Shakti mantras are prime mantras used in Tantric Yoga, in which they are combined in various ways to bring about different results. They have a great capacity for transformation that can extend to the deepest layers of our consciousness and prana. They should be approached with deep concentration, reverence and respect as the very life blood of the Goddess.

The application of Shakti mantras, like other mantras, depends upon the goals of life that we are using them for (dharma, artha, kama, moksha), which gunas we are energizing them with (sattva, rajas, tamas), or their application through Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology or Vastu. In this way, the same Shakti mantra can be used in many different applications. Yet at the deepest level, Shakti mantras are meant to arouse and support the Yoga Shakti or inner power of Yoga within us.

Om is the prime mantra of the Purusha, the Cosmic Being, the Atman or higher Self. As such, it attunes us with our true nature and higher reality. Om is the sound of Ishvara, the cosmic lord, the creator, preserver and destroyer of the universe, who is also the inner guru and prime teacher of Yoga. It reflects both the manifest and the unmanifest Brahman, sustaining the vibration of being, life and consciousness in all worlds and all creatures

Relative to Ayurvedic medicine, Om helps harmonize the body, prana, mind, and senses with the higher Self, Atman or Divine presence within. It connects us with the cosmic healing prana. It brings a deep healing energy into the subconscious mind to remove negative emotions, addictions and compulsions. Relative to Vedic astrology, Om is the sound of the Sun and of the higher light behind all the stars and planets. In Vastu, Om can clear the energy in the home or dwelling and bring in Divine light, grace, and knowledge.

As Oæ is the unmanifest or expansive aspect of primal sound, Aim is the manifest or directed form. As Oæ serves to clear the mental field, Aim helps us focus the mind and heart in a particular manner. As Oæ is the word that is heard, Aim is the word that is seen. As Oæ is the supreme Purusha or cosmic masculine force, Aim is Adya Shakti, the supreme Shakti or cosmic feminine force. That is why we find the mantra Aim in so many different mantras to the Goddess or Divine Mother.

Hrim is the prime mantra of the Goddess in all of her three main powers of creation, preservation and destruction, and so is the main Shakti mantra, with a more specific application than Aim. It is said to be the Shakti bija and to be equivalent to Oæ for the Goddess. More specifically, it relates to Parvati or Shakti, the consort of Shiva, who is the destroyer/transformer among the great trinity of deities.

Strim is the seed mantra of the Hindu Goddess Tara (not the Buddhist Tara, who is a different deity approached with different mantras). Hindu Tara is connected to Durga, who is often called Durga-Tara, as a protective and fiery form of the Goddess. She is the high priestess and represents the inner knowledge and the insight of the guru, particularly the power of the Word. Tara controls the weapons of the Gods, particularly the Trishula or trident of Lord Shiva. Tara also relates to the mantra Om, and Strim is the means through which Om takes us across all difficulties.

In a similar manner, chanting mantras can help balance your energies of the chakra and promote a healthy mind, body and soul. When you chant specific chakra mantras, their vibrations resonate with that particular chakra and leverage the energy for personal and spiritual growth.

Each bija mantra has powerful and intense vibrations with a unique meaning behind them. You can gain access to higher consciousness when you chant them either alone or combine them with a longer mantra.

The fact that 7 chakras in our body are the spinning wheels of pranic energy makes Bija Mantras a perfect working tool for them. The frequency of these bija mantras is such that it resonates with aligned chakras.

When we chant Bija mantras it acts like that external object which creates harmonic resonance in a system. By chanting Bija mantras in a natural tone we actually generating sound vibrations that are in tune with the chakras. Therefore these are often casually called the chakra sounds. For example, OM is the most chanted bija mantra which is also called the sound of the universe.

Each of the 7 chakras has a specific bija mantra associated with it. When you chant these mantras aloud, the frequency of their vibration will surround you and if you do it in silence, the mantras will vibrate in your mind.

The most unique characteristic of RAM sound is that it can also aid in healing your DNA. Chanting the bija mantra is one of the most direct ways to activate this chakra and awaken your personal power.

Chanting HAM awakens your intuitions, which is closely related to the throat chakra. The frequency of the bija mantra, which is the same as that of the insects, resonates with the chakra and is greatly effective in activating and cleansing the throat chakra.

Chanting bija mantras will aid in opening and cleansing the chakras. They are tools that will help you feel alive and achieve a state of fulfilment and contentment. The specific frequencies of these chakra mantras will align your bodily vibrations to them.

Another study in 2013 3 concluded that chanting mantras had substantial positive effects on people with high anxiety. In 2012, a study 4, was published which showed improvement in patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, who were exposed to mantras, by reducing their blood pressure and stress.

However, there is still a vast amount of gap in the research, which is being slowly mitigated. We still cannot deny the fact that mantras have a positive effect on uplifting our chakra energies, building confidence, and improving our spiritual connection. People who have been following the ritual of bija mantra chanting swear by its effects and experiencing chakra healing symptoms.

Make sure that the tone of your voice is natural or neutral. Do not try to go for a high or a low pitch just for the sake of it. You should be comfortable while chanting these mantras as they are meant for chakra healing.

Even though bija mantras are sounds with no meaning, the healing abilities of their powerful vibrations have been felt by many. Yogis and rishis have been following the practice of chanting mantras for ages and have been successful in attaining the enlightenment and inner peace we all aspire to have.

You have to follow a practice regularly to see its effects and the same can be said for chakra mantras. Stick to a routine and you are bound to feel the bija mantra working its magic by activating and cleansing your chakra. Peace, wholeness, love, and spiritual guidance will automatically flow through you once your chakras have been aligned.

Vam is the bija, or seed, sound of the sacral chakra. When chanting the mantra, vam, the power of the sound vibrations is believed to cleanse this chakra, which is the energy center of creativity, pleasure and sexuality.Yogis chant vam to heal the sacral center physically, emotionally and spiritually. Mantras, particularly single-syllable bija mantras, are usually chanted for their healing sound vibrations, rather than any specific meaning. Chakra mantras like vam are thought to clear the subtle energy pathways in the body in order to create positive change.

Mantras also assist in meditation. With vam, the focus of meditation is the navel center near the sacrum. Each bija mantra is also believed to be the sound form of a Hindu deity, which in turn is an aspect of the Brahman, or the Absolute. Vam is the sound form of Varun, god of the oceans and creation.

It's also a healing modality that involves listening to various types of instruments being played to relax the body, mind and balance the emotions. This activates our 'rest and digest' parasympathetic nervous system, takes us into homeostasis, and helps to turn on our immune response and natural healing powers of the body. I offer a variety of types of Sound Healing sessions ranging from Sound Baths with little to zero movement to a more active meditative experience with various types of healing tools: mudras, mantras, visualizations, chakras, breathing techniques, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, yoga philosophy, withdrawing the senses, concentration techniques and more. 041b061a72

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