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Zimao Mountain Scenic Area is located in Zimao Town, Jinjiang City, southwest of Quanzhou City. It is the first batch of key scenic spots determined by the Quanzhou Municipal People's Government, with a planned area of 8.8 square kilometers. The Zimao Mountain where the area is located, with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, is a famous mountain in Quanzhou. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has been a famous tourist attraction. The Zimao Mountains are undulating in layers, some are steep and towering, some are meandering and subtle, some are as exquisite as jade, and some are retrospectively charming. High cliffs and waterfalls in the mountains, and the springs are jingling. The lakes of Zihu and Zixi at the foot of the mountain are rippling with blue waves, either wide or narrow, twisting and turning, with a unique charm. Along the hillsides and wild fields around the lake, there are many fruit trees such as longan, lychee, bayberry, and persimmon, which are shaded and lush. Jinsu Cave, Guxuan Temple, Guyuan Room and Miaofeng Courtyard in the mountains are the places where famous Taoists from the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties studied and practiced. Baofu Temple, Anfu Temple, Puzhao Temple, Wutayan, etc. all have the imprints of Buddha carvings and cliff stone carvings of the sages of the past dynasties. Hundreds of stone carvings with the word "heart" in different shapes scattered all over the mountains are even more cultural relics and wonders in our country.

1920x1080 Blue Flowers in Spring Mountains HD W...


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