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License Standalone Dat Matlab R2012a

==========Windows (all)==========For standalone licenses (including the Student version), the Host ID can be either the volume serial number of the C:\ drive (Option 1), or the MAC Address (Physical Address) of the first Ethernet adapter (Option 2).

License Standalone Dat Matlab R2012a

you should have matlab account and the activation keyThen you can choose to download the File Installation Key, and license file (.lic, the older version will be .dat). I just put my license.lic file into /usr/local/MATLAB/R2012a/licenses/,then it works!!

Way too old thread but viewed 4523 times and active 16 days ago so still relevant I guess. Here is how you solve it. In my case the folder "/.matlab/R2015a_licenses/" did not exist. though "/.matlab" did. So I created R2015a_licenses. Now the problem is this folder was accessible only to root. So the activation application could not write the required file. So change the permission of this folder using "sudo chmod 777 R2015a_licenses". Now run matlab normally(no sudo). It should take you to the activation client. otherwise run the activation client manually(no sudo), it is called "" in the bin folder. follow the steps and let it detect the user-name and do not change it. when it exits without error you are done with the licence part. Now there could be another problem that your matlab freezes just after the opening window and doesn't go any further. Take a look at this. "Go to the ".matlab/" directory in the users home directory. Rename the directory named after the version of MATLAB you are using to have _old at the end. If there is a folder with "_licenses" in the name, DO NOT rename that folder" kind of worked. By kind of I mean matlab complained that it cant write preferences in "/.matlab". So I changed the permission for that folder by "chmod" and then it worked.

Buka software MATLAB dan siapkan file lisensi dengan ekstensi ".dat" biasanya bernama "lic_standalone.dat" atau "license.dat", yang disediakan oleh tempat Anda mendapat MATLAB.

Kemudian siapkan file lisensi dengan ekstensi ".dat" biasanya bernama "lic_standalone.dat", "license_standalone.lic" atau "license.dat" sesuai penyedia software MATLAB. Kemudian lakukan aktivasi mengikuti bagian B langkah ke-9.

selamat pagi,kemarin saya install matlab 2016a dan sukses , tp saat mau mengaktifkan program untuk memasukkan lisece standalone.dat..matlab memberikan respon license manager eror-8, mhon solusi nya

maaf maksudnya download matlab dr sumber yang lain ato bagaimana? ato mz ada link yank rekomended dan lebih aman untuk software..ato qt dapat lic.standalone yang baru dengan mendownload yang baru? saya masih bingung mz

Selamat malam gan, saya ingin bertanya. Saya sudah berhasil install software matlab versi R2010a, saat mau di buka, softwarenta minta di aktivasi. Saya masukan license.dat, tapi gagal terus, mohon diberikan arahan. Terima kasih gan

July 18, 2022 : 2022-new New standalone licenses for 2022-2023If you received your standalone matlab license from us (systems group)last year, you may now download your renewed 2022 standalone matlab license from our systems page below. It is good for matlab version 9.12 or below.Follow the licensing section to use your downloaded license.lic. Standalone licenses for 2022-2023******************************************LICENSING******************************************Go to the above URL and click on the link for your computer. Then do aright-click on the license file link and select "Download" or "Save link as" to download the file and not display it in the browser. Make sure your license file is named license.lic with no extra extensions. This must be a plain-text file (not Word or other word processing file).MOVE ANY and ALL existing files in /licenses/ to a subfoldernamed SAVE (for save keeping) and place this new license.lic inthe /licenses/ folder. Email us if you don't know how to openthe folder.This license file will work for any matlab from 7.0 forward to the present version. It should just work. If you are requested to "Activate", if possible just close the request window and ignore. Otherwise, do activate without internet and give the path to your license file.******************************************TROUBLESHOOTING LICENSING******************************************Here are some typical reasons why your license may not work.If none of the tips help, please email

September 20, 2018 Using a particular matlab license file To use a particular matlab license file, do matlab -c /path/to/license/fileExamples: matlab -c /usr/local/matlab9.4/licenses/2network.lic matlab -c /Desktop/2network.licIn the second example, I have placed a copy of the license file fromthe licenses subfolder in the Matlab app onto my Desktop. This fixes an issue with calls to matlab's parallel toolbox respondingextremely slowly. As every parallel worker requires a license and withmore and more users relying on this toolbox, calling matlab with aspecific license file seems to make the license checkouts by parpoolto go significantly faster.See an old post below for more information.

September 26, 2016 Matlab 9.1 (R2016b) is now availableMatlab 9.1 (R2016b) is now available either as a on-disk live versionor as a on-web archive version for all platforms supported by Mathworks.Our license servers are serving out licenses for 9.1 (2016b).************************* On-disk*************************For our unix systems (macOS / Linux), you may invoke the on-disk versionvia matlab9.1 (/share/erda/bin/matlab9.1) or double clickon /share/erda/matlab9.1. If you just want the matlab shell, you may do matlab9.1 -nodesktopFor macOS, there is a matlab app under /share/Applications. This issupported for macOS Yosemite (10.10.x) forward.For our on-disk matlab resources, see our omnibus directory at /share/Public/MATLAB************************* On-web*************************For the on-web archival versions, see our Internal Matlab Page. We have a fairly comprehensive matlab distro / information page that youcan access by clicking on the convenience link for our Internal Matlab Pageat the top of

November 20, 2014 Expiring Matlab licenses 2015 [Updated]All of our matlab licenses (CNS / NYU) are expiring licenses (network and standalone licenses). They are generally renewed in late December as that is when Mathworks do their renewal quotes. So if you see annoying messages such as the one below in your Matlab window, just ignore it. Your MATLAB license will expire in N days. Please contact your system administrator or MathWorks to renew this license.For those of you with standalone licenses through us, we willsend out a further message later regarding their renewals.

October 10, 2014 [NOTICE] EOL for Matlab 8.1 (R2013a) - November 1, 2014We would like to set November 1, 2014 (Saturday) as a tentative EOL (End of Life) date for our Matlab 8.1. The EOL will mean that we will no longer distribute 8.1 fromour shared area i.e. it will be archived and taken offlinefrom our server. You will also no longer be able to call matlab8.1to invoke this version of matlab. Our network license server will continue to distribute licenses for it as long as the license serverand licenses we obtain from Mathworks will support it. Matlab support map for OS X/Linux/Windows

March 9, 2014 [NOTICE] EOL for Matlab 7.14 (R2012a) - March 22, 2014We would like to set March 22, 2014 (Saturday) as a tentative EOL (End of Life) date for our Matlab 7.14. The EOL will mean that we will no longer distribute 7.14 fromour shared area i.e. it will be archived and taken offlinefrom our server. You will also no longer be able to call matlab7.14to invoke this version of matlab. Our network license server will continue to distribute licenses for it as long as the license serverand licenses we obtain from Mathworks will support it. Matlab support map for OS X/Linux/Windows

December 15, 2013 : standaloneTroubleshooting your standalone matlab licenseThis section is only about licensing issues. If your license isactually bad, matlab will throw a licensing error almost right away. If your matlab doesn't seem to launch, but there are no error messages,then it may be the last subsection below.YOU MADE A MISTAKE - Your license file is not named license.lic or license.dat. Perhaps your browser has secretly changed its extension. - Your license.lic has not been saved as a plain-text file. Make sure you have not used Word or other word prcessing apps to save this file. To double check, launch Terminal and go to the folder containing your license.lic and run the command cat license.lic to make sure the output is just plain text. - Your license.lic is not in the licenses folder within your matlab application folder. - Your hardware address has changed (due to some hardware modifications) since the last time we generated a standalone license for you. We just need to regenerate a new license based on the new hardware address. - You have an old license file that matlab is still using rather than this new license. You will need to find and remove the old license. Here are the possible locations for matlab license files. MATLAB MADE A MISTAKE - A less common reason is that your OS has changed significantly and matlab is no longer using the same network device for the hardware address. Matlab license error panel may tell you the correct hardware address (hostid). - For some versions of macOS, Matlab may not use the first hardware address en0. We then simply need to regenerate a license tied to en1. USEFUL THINGS REGARDING YOUR LICENSE FILES FOR DEBUGGING - The hardware address attached to a license.lic is given by the HOSTID tag. The expiration date of a license.lic is on each of the INCREMENT line - it should look like 30-jul-20xx. - To see the hardware address of various network devices on your system, do in a terminal ifconfig.MATLAB TAKES FOREVER TO LAUNCH - If you have multiple license files in the Matlab licenses folder, Matlab will use them in lexicograhical order. Matlab should automatically failover from one to the next one in order. However Matlab may take a long time to timeout if a license does not work. If you run into this issue, try moving all your license files apart from the main one to a subfolder. - For recent macOS, if you download the Matlab tarball via your browser, it will pick up a tag on all the files within the Matlab app. This will make your first launch of Matlab appear to be wedged. For an easy fix, see our note here.SOME RARE MATLAB ISSUES - Make sure you are not using the legacy network NYU matlab license servers. - If you are using Matlab 9.0 (R2016a) and are using the NYU license servers, then you need to patch your Matlab. See the note here.For general information regarding matlab here,

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